Impact of Covid-19 on Divorce Proceedings - Marcia Mediation

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The UK lockdown in response to the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 has brought many aspects of life to a grinding halt, from your work commute to your weekly shop.

But what impact will the UK lockdown have on divorce proceedings? The government have made clear that they intend to keep the justice system as a whole up and running, but some disruption is also likely.

The impact this will have on you depends on where you are in the divorce process, so it’s a good time to take stock of your situation and consider some extra research into options like mediation.

If you are considering divorce

COVID-19 should not leave you locked into an unhappy relationship or a negative family situation, so don’t feel like you cannot look into the possibility of starting divorce proceedings at this time.

Remote mediation means you can negotiate the details of your divorce safely from home. Marcia Mediation offer video sessions via Zoom or Skype, and we are always available via telephone or email too.

By agreeing the terms of your divorce via remote mediation, you end up with a document you can take to the courts to get it signed by a judge, minimising the amount of court time.

If you are going through divorce

If you are already going through divorce during social distancing, we are here to help. We welcome any enquiries and any questions you might want to ask.

You might find your home life becomes more stressful if, for example, you expected to move out very soon but now cannot do so.

Speaking to a mediator is one way to put things back into perspective and we can remind both parties that although it might not feel like it now, there is an end point to the current process.

If you are in danger

Please contact us immediately if you feel you are in any danger. The stresses of social distancing and self-isolation can amplify existing anger and resentment but nobody should feel unsafe in their own home.

We can help you to contact the correct people so that if necessary, you can move into temporary accommodation to keep you safe until the lockdown is lifted and more permanent arrangements can be made.

Moving home for your own safety is permitted under the rules regarding essential and non-essential travel – and if you are under immediate threat at any point, please call the police.

If you are already divorced

Finally, the lockdown could cause difficulties for people who are already divorced. Some examples include:

  • Financial hardship for either party who typically pays maintenance.
  • Disputes over where children should live and handovers during lockdown.
  • Unable to move house to reduce outgoings or leave the marital home.

We again would urge anyone affected by the current coronavirus pandemic to call Marcia Mediation, especially if we helped you through your divorce proceedings, but even if you have never been a client in the past.

These are turbulent times but this is when mediators are at our best, helping to provide a sense of perspective and finding innovative and flexible solutions to unforeseen circumstances, so that you can get through this period with as little stress as possible.