Remote Mediation, Family Mediation via Zoom and Telephone

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Remote mediation is the process of conducting a mediation session via video or phone call. All participants including the mediator communicate remotely via a video conferencing platform such as Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams.

More and more people are choosing remote mediation as their preferred format to participate in mediation sessions thanks to it’s flexible and low-stress capabilities. Remote mediation allows mediators to offer specialist services to clients all over the world, providing participants the luxury of mediation which may have been unachievable for them due to factors such as: location, time constraints and personal issues.

“Thank you for facilitating our mediation last week. I felt the Zoom format was particularly helpful – probably for the fact that I have been using this format with work throughout the lockdown period and it meant that I had more of a ‘business’ approach to the session and its objectives. Using Zoom meant I was in a space in which I felt safe and comfortable and I could focus fully on the issue at hand. Overall, it was a good experience under the circumstances and I’m grateful for your help in getting (my partner) and I to a more positive place.” – Marcia Mediation client

Does remote mediation work as well as face to face mediation?

There are many benefits to remote mediation. All issues that can be discussed face to face can also be discussed over a video call, and the mediator can arrange group or individual calls in the same way that meetings would be conducted.

Remote mediation is a highly effective and practical alternative when face-to-face mediation is not ideal or not possible. Marcia Mediation will manage the remote mediation to provide the most efficient use of your time, to allow for the swiftest a settlement possible.

What are the advantages of remote mediation?

  • It prevents the stress of putting both parties in same room when they do not want to be.
  • It creates professional detachment between all parties if necessary.
  • If anyone needs a break, they can easily go into a virtual waiting room to gather their thoughts and regroup.
  • Simplified sharing of relevant documentation is increased.
  • It allows for a faster and simpler form of “shuttle” mediation if parties do not wish to be in the mediation together.
  • Remote mediation is more focused.
  • Sessions do not necessarily need to be done in normal office hours and can be fit around other responsibilities and even time zones.
  • Remote mediation tends to be more time effective.

Who is remote mediation for?

  • Those who have busy schedules or would find it difficult to get to a certain location. Less time and cost are involved in terms of travel with remote mediation.
  • On a larger scale, accessibility is given to all people geographically and across time zones so even if you or other people involved is not in the country, sessions can take place.
  • You may participate in a remote session in any place of your choosing which access to a computer or phone and WiFi. This makes it a stress-free solution to those with social anxiety issues.
  • It is a practical solution for those with mobility issues.
  • The mediation process can be very sensitive for some. Sometimes it is beneficial for both parties to be physically separate during mediation.
  • It can be performed for those in self-isolation.

“I could not recommend any other way to hold Mediation with an ex partner, especially if one party has implemented a no-contact strategy to remain safe and well. The anxiety caused by contemplating a meeting held in the same room as my ex partner was impeding any rational thinking, and avoidance was my main emotion to protect the healing journey I  had embarked on and progressed in. The Zoom meeting enabled me to speak in privacy to the Mediator, coinciding with not being able to see or hear the other party speaking.

To avoid any doubt, the Zoom meeting didn’t eradicate all anxiety, as any form of contact I provide to my ex partner will always be too much, but it absolutely minimised it. I wouldn’t have participated in a general mediation meeting, it would have made me very poorly. I will always recommend a mediation meeting via video link, and Zoom worked for me.” – Marcia Mediation client.

What is the process of remote mediation?

  • Initial conversation with the mediator, if necessary, regarding the process of remote mediation.
  • Parties involved may be asked to sign an agreement electronically.
  • Only those who are parties to the Agreement should be in attendance and listening to the call.
  • The mediator will work between the parties in the usual way, having conversations with each party to facilitate an agreement between the party.
  • A joint session hosting all parties to the mediation can take place if necessary, otherwise focused conversations with the individual parties will take place.
  • Parties will be able to take breaks in between conversations with the mediator but should remain close to their computer or telephone so that they can return to the conversation if or when needed quickly.
  • An Agreement, if reached, can be signed by the parties electronically.

Can remote mediation be done via telephone or Zoom?

Certainly, mediation can be carried out over the telephone or via Zoom. Advancements in technology, have made it possible to conduct mediation sessions remotely. This allows individuals to participate from the comfort of their own homes or from any location with an internet connection.

Marcia Mediation is determined to make mediation more accessible and convenient for those who are unable to attend in-person sessions. During a telephone or Zoom mediation session, Marcia will facilitate communication and negotiation between the parties, just as they would during an in-person session.

The use of technology has made it possible for people to participate in mediation regardless of their geographical location, which can be particularly useful for those who live far apart or who have mobility challenges. We ensure that the technology used for remote mediation is secure and confidential.

Remote mediation is an essential offering in family mediation, and one of the many ways we can help you and your family to move past conflicts and negative situations. If you would like to speak to us about mediation get in touch or call us on 01614253940