Family Mediation Dignity in Divorce



Marcia Mediation  believes that Family Mediation is the better way for families to make arrangements for children, finance, and property and pension issues whether arising from Divorce or Separation of a married couple or separation of couples living together (cohabitees) or in a Civil Partnership. 

Marcia Mediation in Family believes that Family Mediation empowers the separating couple to move on to the next chapter in each of their lives from a position of positivity, secure in the knowledge that they have worked together with the aid of the Mediator to close the last chapter by reaching the best possible agreement without the negativity, not to mention cost, of an acrimonious hearing before the courts.

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Accredited techniques

By applying accredited family mediation techniques, Marcia Mediation in Family will align the couple to think about what can be agreed, rather than what cannot, for example what is in the best interests of the children, or what is the alternative to the inability to reach agreement, not least in legal costs, time and uncertainty: Courts are not the place for these disputes to be resolved.

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– Accredited Senior Mediation Status under the Family Mediation Association;

– Accredited under the Professional Mediators Association, for work place mediation;

– Qualified to see children in mediation. Accredited Child Consultant;

– Provides Mediation Information Assessment Meetings (MIAMS).


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 Family Mediation


Mediation gives you both the opportunity to achieve a future focussed resolution.

Mediation is a method of dispute resolution designed to put you in control of the outcome of your case.

Going through a break up is almost always difficult. As well as being emotionally stressful, it can also be hard to manage communication whilst negotiating on important issues like children and finances, as well as taking on different options and suggestions from friends, colleagues and advisers.

Marcia Mediation will help you to find a way through what seems like an immovable obstacle. We will work through, with you, all of the various options and help you to find a solution to each of them, step by step.

We encourage you to think creatively and look outside of the box for a set of proposals that will work for you and your family, on a realistic and sensible basis. You need to be able to leave the mediation room knowing that what you have proposed can really work out for your family unit, long term. There is no “winner” or” loser” here, it’s about finding a workable compromise for all concerned, and achieving this in a non acrimonious and cost effective manner.


We provide a service which helps you to facilitate an outcome between you and your family.

Family disagreements can often do spiral out of control and affect all family members.

We help you to diffuse and resolve matters which are often hard to talk about, where communication has broken down. We are experienced in working with any type of family dispute, and many we have encountered include:

  • Finance
  • Children
  • Property disputes.
  • Wills.
  • Parenting issues.
  • Extended family interference.
  • Intergenerational issues.
  • Contact with grandparents.

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