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Ending a civil partnership is a process known as 'dissolving' or 'dissolution' but other than the name, it is very similar to divorce in a lot of ways.

In particular, it is the legal process by which civil partnership separation is made official, and dissolving a civil partnership frees you of your legal obligations to your partner, including separating your finances and possessions. Because of this, it's important to recognise that ending a civil partnership is every bit as detailed and in-depth as divorcing a married partner, and family mediators can help you to dissolve your civil partnership with minimal stress, cost and delay.

How is it different from divorce?

Ending a civil partnership differs from divorce in some important ways. One example of this is that there is no same-sex definition of ‘adultery’ and as such, the option to dissolve a same-sex civil partnership because of adultery simply does not exist.

Again this removes one of the acceptable reasons for separation with no time limit attached, and makes it even more important to work with experienced civil partnership mediators who understand the unique challenges of civil partnership separation.

There are also some practical differences between divorce and dissolving a civil partnership. If you have children together, it is essential to protect both parents’ legal rights and responsibilities.

In some cases you may discover that you do not legally have parental responsibility for a minor who you have always thought of as being your child. Family mediators can help you to resolve this amicably so everybody’s rights are protected, including your child’s.

These are the kinds of decisions that can affect your long-term happiness and the future structure of your family as you all move forwards along your post-dissolution path, and mediators are here to make that journey as smooth and positive as possible.


What you need to think about

Ask yourself what you want to achieve from your civil partnership dissolution. It is rarely as simple as legally severing all ties from your former partner, especially where children are involved or where you have shared finances and jointly owned assets.

Make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities and how they apply specifically to ending a civil partnership as opposed to a mixed-sex marriage – and in particular the options that are not available, such as dissolution due to adultery.

Family mediators can help you to make those plans for the future and to negotiate with your partner to bring the process to a more amicable, faster and less costly conclusion, with everyone getting an acceptable outcome from it.

At Marcia Mediation we treat civil partnership dissolution with just as much care as we do for divorcing couples and we have a successful track record of negotiating same-sex separations.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to carry out civil partnership dissolution with dignity and take your next steps on a more positive life journey, contact us today.


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Marcia’s accreditations include Family Mediation and she is a qualified child consultant practitioner. Her associations include the Professional Mediators Association and Resolution.

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