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Have you seen Sarah Jessica Parker’s new TV show Divorce? If you’re a fan of Sex and the City, then you should definitely check it out on Sky Atlantic. Parker plays Frances, a woman from New York who has decided that she wants to split from her husband Robert. They go to mediation together as part of the divorce process in this 10-part comedy which has it’s far share of poignant and sad parts too.

It’s not just TV shows in America that are exploring mediation, Paddy and Rhona in Emmerdale are currently attending mediation sessions as they want their divorce to be as pain-free as possible for their son Leo. Despite Rhona’s current partner Piers having his reservations, Rhona insisted on driving to the first session with Paddy because she didn’t want there to be awkwardness between the two of them.

TV shows are reflecting real life

Both Divorce and Emmerdale are putting the spotlight on mediation as part of the divorce process. Divorce today is much more involved than people might first imagine and in the UK, mediation is a compulsory part. Couples who have decided to split can benefit hugely from sitting down with someone impartial and talking. It can help them come to decisions amicably and save them from having to go to court and having a judge deciding what should happen instead of them. During mediation sessions decisions might be made regarding finances, custody of children and child maintenance payments.

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