Why Marcia Mediation is good for Manchester solicitors - Marcia Mediation

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At Marcia Mediation we’re proud of our close working relationship with many Manchester solicitors, who refer clients to us for independent overview in line with modern-day rules on considering mediation first in family law cases.

By referring clients to our mediators in Altrincham or our Manchester mediators’ office, solicitors send a positive message that the industry is working in a joined-up way to offer the best resolution to complex and emotionally challenging cases.

Mediators do not replace solicitors – we work with clients to overcome some of the hurdles preventing progress in different cases with complex needs, clarifying the legal position through negotiation rather than through the intervention of the courts.

This saves the solicitors we work with the considerable extra time and effort that goes into acting as an unofficial counsellor to clients in difficult family law cases, which is often not chargeable and can eat into the time available to work on other important cases.

We will then refer clients back for the actual legal work, allowing solicitors to bring cases to a conclusion faster, with less wasted time, and charge for the work done sooner.


We understand what solicitors need

There’s a good reason why Marcia Mediation understand solicitors so well – both Marcia and Michael are experienced lawyers, and Michael was a managing partner at Altrincham solicitors Myers Lister Price for 25 years.

Because of this, we know what solicitors in need in order to deal with cases effectively while minimising time spent on non-chargeable aspects of the case.

We have also provided workplace mediation services for solicitors themselves, helping to overcome disputes, improve morale and productivity, and again ultimately to raise fee income.

In every respect we are here to help, whether it’s simply complying with the need to consider mediation first in family law cases, to make progress on a case that has become bogged down in squabbling or extremely emotionally charged, or to provide an independent ear on a workplace dispute between solicitors.
To start working with Marcia Mediation on client referrals, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to talk through the arrangements and get things up and running quickly so there is no delay in making your first referrals.