Ten Reasons to use Workplace Mediation - Marcia Mediation

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BECAUSE Workplace Mediation

1 .works!

2. replaces negative emotion with positive thought

3.  ligns the participants with the goals of the business

4. strengthens your brand

5. empowers everyone to reach their own lasting, effective solution, facilitated by the media

6.  separates the problem from the people

7. avoids grievance and replaces it with solution

8. avoids discipline and replaces it with empowerment

9. avoids the time, cost, wasted energy and misery of the Tribunal

10.  Keeps the best people in the job for all the right reasons, whilst ensuring the wrong people don’ t stay for all the wrong reasons

Marcia Mediation in Business provides work place mediation conflict resolution, coaching and training both throughout the Northwest, including Altrincham, Stockport, Warrington, Manchester, nationally and internationally.

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