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We all feel the pressure to have a picture-perfect Christmas, so it’s no surprise that many unhappy couples choose to ‘just get through Christmas’ before making a decision to separate in the new year.

Every year, divorce mediators and family solicitors see a post-Christmas surge of couples separating, so if you are going through the breakdown of a relationship as the new year gets underway, you are not alone.

In fact, with the support of divorce mediators, we can help you to make plans for separation more amicably, and in many cases we find this allows separated couples to remain in contact for the future.

For obvious reasons, this is particularly the case for couples who have children together, and mediation can be an incredibly useful way to make arrangements for child access, visits and residential stays in the months and years ahead.


Dreaming of a brighter Christmas

If this past Christmas was difficult, make 2019 your year to make things better and brighter, with the help of expert mediators to keep the process as stress-free as possible.

We have handled many separations involving children and we understand that the big occasions like Christmas, birthdays and school events can take some careful planning and negotiation.

For some couples, mediation can keep things amicable enough that you are able to share those future events and spend time together in person as friends, even though your romantic relationship has ended.

But even if that is not the right route for you, we can make sure there are mutually agreed plans in place so both parents get to spend time with the children around the holidays and special occasions.


Never too soon to start

We’re here to help with any enquiries, even if you have not started divorce proceedings yet. It’s never too early to involve a mediator to help things run more smoothly from start to finish.

Mediators also typically help couples to reach a final agreement faster, leaving you much more of 2019 to enjoy your new, separate lives and for things to settle down in time for next Christmas and any special events that come before it.

Any family occasion should be a time for celebration and not marred more than necessary by any ill feelings left over from your separation – that’s why our mediators will work diligently to overcome the obstacles and ensure that the breakdown of one relationship in your family does not negatively affect any of the others.


Further Information

For any further information or individual enquiries you may have please contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.