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Are you going through family mediation at the moment or are you looking to start soon? Father’s Day is around the corner and it can be easy to let your relationship issues affect how you treat the day. However, it can be an important day for children so try if you can to make it as positive as possible.

Presents and cards

Young children may make cards in nursery or school for their dads, but it might be nice to make extra cards at home or buy some. They could make cards for all the significant men in their lives (granddads, uncles etc.) and a homemade present might also go down well. Older children will enjoy going to the shops and choosing a gift that they think their dad would love.

On the day itself

If you already share care of your children and your former partner isn’t due to have them on the day, it could still be nice if a compromise could be possible. Perhaps they could spend a few hours at their dads or maybe you could go for a meal together? It might be difficult, but it could mean the world to your children, so try to think positively. Don’t assume that problems will arise.

Don’t look for revenge

Perhaps your former partner didn’t make any effort for Mother’s Day and left you feeling disappointed, hurt or angry. It can be easy to want them to have a horrible Father’s Day but this isn’t the attitude you should have. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Think before you speak

When you say something negative about their dad, this impacts on your children. You mightn’t think that it does, but it does. They might have a long list of faults but it’s important that you don’t start reeling them off in front of your children.

No one is perfect and as you go through family mediation you’ll learn this. Talking to each other calmly in a controlled setting, with support can help a great deal. Dealing with any separation or divorce is made easier when everyone acts like an adult and considers how their actions are impacting on the other party. A painful process can be much more bearable with the right mediation professional by your side.