Happy Endings - Marcia Mediation

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A very warm welcome to the very first blog from Marcia Mediation In Business.  Andas  is this is the first, we have called it “happy endings”! Because, when you start something, you should always have the end in sight.

In Business  exists because we do not want businesses to suffer from squabbles in the work place that can so easily become all- consuming and damaging, a real tragedy if they stop you with your dreams for your business or organisation.

You started your business because you dreamed of a happy ending, and we want to be at your side to make that happen.

Just a few pointers to kick off, there will be plenty more in future blogs

  • Mediation is about separating the people from the problem. Every problem has a solution. Find that and the people can realign behind the solution
  • It is good to talk. It is not good to email. So , when a squabble erupts there is one rule about emails: RESIST THE URGE
  • Regular team meetings, well prepared, reduce conflict and promote shared ambition
  • In Business hate the word grievance when dealing with employeeissues. Use request for resolution instead.

We will comment further on these, and lots more topics in further blogs.  Let us know what you think and share experiences, so together we can achieve those happy endings.