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The rainbow flags flew high and proud in the capital this weekend in celebration of the Pride in London Parade, better known to most people simply as London Pride.

It was a chance for people of all different backgrounds to come together and celebrate diversity throughout the LGBT+ community, under a common banner for this year’s march of ‘Pride Matters’.

At Marcia Mediation we wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, which is why we work diligently to make sure we offer our clients dignity in same-sex divorce cases or when dissolving a civil partnership.

The image of the rainbow is not just the perfect way to represent the diversity within this community – it also makes a great road map for the mediation process, which can help you to get from an emotionally fraught start point, right through to a much less stressful and more dignified conclusion.


Red – The colour of danger

Red is almost universally linked with danger and with ‘stop’ – think traffic lights, street signs and brake lights – and from the first moments your mediator can help you to pause for thought, identify any challenges you might face and hopefully overcome them before they turn into arguments and major disagreements.


Orange – The colour of caution

From traffic cones to amber lights, orange is often linked with caution. Again it’s a reminder to take stock of your situation with the help of your mediator and ‘get ready’ for the main proceedings of a civil partnership dissolution or same-sex marriage.


Yellow – The colour of light

Moving on to brighter things and yellow, arguably the brightest colour on the rainbow flag, serves as a symbol of the sunlight your mediator will shed on all stages of the process, so that you can understand every decision that is made either directly by you or on your behalf.


Green – The colour of growth

Again this spring-summer colour is a sign of green shoots and new growth, and of the ways you can move forwards and, in less stressful cases, potentially even remain on speaking terms with your former partner so you can continue to socialise together in the years ahead.


Blue – The colour of optimism

Whether taking a proactive approach to clearing any hurdles, focusing on the positives in your case or aiming for a more amicable long-term outcome, mediators are experts in blue-sky thinking and can help you to be more optimistic about what comes next.


Purple – The colour of success

Purple has been associated with success and prosperity since at least Roman times, and here it’s a reminder that with an experienced mediator on your side, same-sex divorce or civil partnership dissolution can be less stressful and less costly too – hopefully leaving more for you and your former partner in the pot of gold at the end of your particular rainbow.