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Family Mediation Week 2017 takes place on January 23rd-27th, and is a chance to find out more about five of the biggest benefits of divorce mediation, with a full day dedicated to each.

Here we look at those five daily benefits of divorce mediation in the order they appear in Family Mediation Week, from January 23rd through to the end of the week on the 27th.

A Better Way

The most direct benefit is simply that mediation is better than divorcing without mediation – faster, less costly and less stressful for all concerned.

Mediators have a duty to facilitate effective communication, so that discussions move forwards with minimal dispute and conflict.

This helps to defuse emotionally charged situations so that more practical progress can be made – without resorting to finger-pointing and blaming each other.

A Safer Space

Divorce might not just be upsetting, but can put some people in physical danger while still cohabiting with a spouse they are in the process of leaving.

Mediators help to create a calmer, safer space in which everyone is able to have their say without fear of being shouted down.

This not only reduces the strain on the individuals and any children involved, but can often leave everyone much more willing to continue amicable communication in the future too.

Please Listen

A common problem in divorces involving children is that they feel shut out, or as though their own ideas about where they should live and who should have the bulk of the access to them are ignored.

Mediators are there to remind parents to consider the children, and to help in bringing the children’s opinions into the proceedings in the appropriate way, if they are old enough to be directly involved.

Put Your Children First

Building on the theme above, mediation ensures the welfare of young children is put first in divorce proceedings, so they are not adversely affected by other parts of the process.

Again, this is a crucial part of making sure the children’s relationships with their parents are not damaged due to the separation, and of generally cutting the stress levels for all family members.

The Positive Choice

Above all, mediation is about doing things better than in a divorce without mediation – working together as a family, even in the process of separating, to reach a faster and more amicable outcome.

This makes it much more likely that the family’s own decisions about their future will be honoured, and helps to make sure that your future welfare does not become a matter for the courts to decide.