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Divorce centres will open in July making it as easy to obtain a divorce as it is a driving license.

Some say this erodes the institution of marriage. I disagree.

As a family mediator with over 20 years’ experience in this field, I know that separating couples do not take their marriage vows lightly. Far from it, but when a marriage is at an end this is a sad fact of life and the most important issue is not how do we obtain our divorce, but rather how do we carry on with our lives without causing negativity to each other, nor, most crucially, to the children.

I believe in the power of mediation to allow each separating party to move forward, maybe tentatively at first, but certainly with positive steps.

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Mediation will focus on

  1. the needs of the children
  2. your future needs
  3. what can be agreed , not what can’t
  4. what you have in common, not what separates you
  5. the value of what brought you together in the first place
  6. avoiding the cost, negativity, time of taking your issues through the courts
  7. speed of resolution
  8. dignity
  9. positivity
  10. your respective new beginnings

So, is it to be applauded that divorce will no longer start with a judicial process? Absolutely. I believe the new system will present a catalyst for a modern, forward thinking, positive approach to resolving the issues that arise from divorce through the process I applaud: mediation.

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Marcia Lister