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In some cases, it can be too difficult for both parties to go through the mediation process simultaneously. Whatever the reasons for this may, these cases result in a process called ‘shuttle mediation’, in which the parties in question will be in separate rooms with the mediator moving between them throughout the appointment.

Shuttle mediation can play a central role in navigating difficult mediation situations and, despite what you may think, can easily be performed online. In fact, it has many advantages over shuttle mediation in a traditional setting.

Being online can make shuttle mediation run smoother

The essence of shuttle mediation is the fact that each party is in a separate room. Naturally, this means your mediator will need to ensure they are moving back and forth between these rooms on a regular basis. Although this does give you extra time to consider what has been said it does add time to the mediation process.

In an online setting, this becomes much smoother. Your mediator can simply have you in different conversations on software like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, meaning switching between you is a simple click away, or just make Skype calls throughout the session.

Either way, less time is spent moving around and more is spent helping you work through your separation.

Online shuttle mediation can be easier for both parties

A shuttle mediation strategy will only be deployed in cases where one or both sides feel unable to be in the same room as the other. This could be for any number of reasons, from a particularly difficult break up where emotions are running high to more sensitive issues which require people to be separated.

In particularly charged cases, sometimes being in the same building can be enough to make one party feel uneasy or concerned, something which does not lend itself to a successful outcome and adds unnecessary stress to what is already a difficult time.

Online shuttle mediation removes these concerns by allowing you to complete proceedings from the comfort of your own home, making the entire process simpler and less stressful for everyone.

You don’t have to travel for mediation

When a couple is going through the divorce process it can often be the case that the one person gets access to the family vehicle, while the other must switch to public transport. During a time of financial stress, it is often not viable to buy a car or pay for travel on a regular basis.

By moving your shuttle mediation online, you remove this requirement. This not only makes arranging sessions easier but allows you a broader choice of mediators from farther afield, giving you the opportunity to choose the mediator you’re most comfortable with, rather than the most conveniently located.

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