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The Problems

Marcia Mediation in Business believes that there is a solution to every problem. In the work place the boss can demand it because he has the power. But equally the employee can demand it because she has rights.

Or, both can agree because of mutual interests.



The Scenario

We have all done it. Your senior sales – manager is under performing, not meeting his sales targets.

You call him in to the office to discuss it late on a Friday afternoon because you have had enough of it. He says it is all your fault. You swear at him. He walks out and threatens constructive dismissal.


More from the Scenario

Or your best machinist asks to work flexi time for “personal reasons”. If she does it you worry it will “open the floodgates”. You know she is entitled to ask and you can refuse, but you don’t want to risk upsetting her. She is well known to become underproductive when “upset”.

Two secretaries make it known that they hate each other. One says the other is constantly “flashing her eyelashes at you”. The other says that is not true, it is just that she is the better secretary which is why she is “favoured”.  So the other storms out and claims stress. You are  centre stage in her resentment.

Accredited techniques

Using accredited Work Place Mediation Techniques Marcia Mediation in Business knows how to align the thought processes of each of the parties to these everyday disputes to why they are at work in the first place.

Mediation allows a day to be set aside for such issues to be resolved in a method that is relaxed, informal, non-confrontational.

Our mediator will first speak to each employee individually. Get him to look at it both from his own, and the participant’s perspective. At the end of the day, livelihood is likely to be a mutually shared interest of both participants and where there is a will, there is a way.

Your Marcia Mediation mediator understands how to  help find that will, drive through commonality of purpose and set the path for improved communications moving forward.

It is lonely at the top. Small businesses do not have HR departments for these people to run off to. They do have you and you and your business will inevitably collapse into a vortex of negativity if such issues are not resolved quickly. And Marcia Mediation in Business resolves such issues every day allowing your business to move forward, with you at the helm.

Meet Marcia

A pioneer for mediation since commencing legal practice as a family solicitor some seventeen years ago Marcia has worked exclusively as an independent mediator since 2004, focusing initially on family mediation, and latterly on work place mediation.

Marcia’s accreditations include both Work Place and Family Mediation and she is a qualified child consultant practitioner. Her associations include the Professional Mediators Association and Resolution.

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The Power of People: The Power of Planning.

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