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Property division in broken couples can be emotionally and monetarily draining. Finding a fair divide can be difficult, whether the assets are business assets, investments, or a shared house. Going to court can frequently be more expensive, more conf...

We are a talented team of family mediation specialists working across Roe Green.

We provide family mediation services to households in Roe Green and across England and Wales, delivering separation and divorce with dignity. Our  divorce mediation specialists support your need at an incredibly emotional and stressful time, while reducing costs, preventing delays and handing more control of the process to the affected parties.

Together, we will work to resolve issues amicably, to make swift progress and to finalise a mutual agreement that you can have ratified by the courts. In turn, you are much more likely to get a satisfactory outcome on everything from the family finances and division of assets, to how you will share parental responsibilities in the future.

Family Mediation

Seeking resolution in Roe Green? Family mediation services offer a stress-free alternative to settle cases involving relationships like marriage, civil partnerships, and parenthood. Skilled mediators prevent disputes from escalating, providing an unbiased and positive voice throughout the process. In many family law cases, including divorce, civil partnership parties the courts require parties to carefully consider mediation as an option before proceedings concerning finances or children can be issued. Before proceeding to court, attending a MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) is required, ensuring your case moves forward smoothly.

Financial Mediation

Marcia Mediation offers a comprehensive range of family mediation services in Roe Green including financial mediation for divorce, separation and and civil partnership dissolution. Our experienced team understands the emotional complexities involved in financial disputes and is committed to guiding clients towards fair and equitable solutions and, where there are children, ensuring there needs are met and voices heard.

Child Inclusive Mediation

Child inclusive mediation in Roe Green empowers young voices in family proceedings. Accredited Mediators, known for their impartiality and fair representation, extend this service to include the views of minors and other family members. Our child inclusive mediation in Roe Green fosters a positive process, ensuring children’s comfort in expressing their concerns. Parents also gain peace of mind, resulting in a less stressful separation for all.

What is mediation?

Mediation is an accredited, fully trained independent voice for your divorce or dissolution proceedings. A mediator will work with all involved parties to represent everyone’s voice and opinions equally, in an unbiased way.

In cases where you find it difficult to negotiate, or to even be in the same room as each other, a mediator can help you to make progress. This can include ‘shuttle mediation’ where the mediator literally goes between rooms to pass messages back and forth, so the conversation may take place without face-to-face confrontation.

It’s a tried, tested and proven technique that can resolve cases faster, with outcomes that are mutually agreeable for both parties, any children involved, and even for the extended family like grandparents.


Thank you very much for working with us Michael and making a difficult time and little bit easier.

“I have just made the payment for the mediation services. Thank you very much for the conversation, it was really useful, all very professional and accurate but at the same time, kind and personal. I wish all people in processes regarding family law have the luck to find such great professionals. “

“I didn’t know that mediation was an option in my situation but it was the best course of action to avoid the expense and stress of going to court. Marcia worked with us and enabled us to come to a solution that everyone was happy with. It was extremely helpful.”

“Marcia definitely gets a 10/10 from me and a big THANKYOU. Hopefully things will be back to normal for me and my son in no time.”

Everything Marcia suggested thankfully my ex-partner agreed to. Marcia is a complete professional and excellent at her job, I would recommend her to anyone that’s in a similar situation to me.

“As it stood I didn’t know when the next time I’d be able to see my son would be, but after Marcia set up a mediation meeting with me and his mum it looks like I’m going to get to see him on a regular basis again.”

What is the process?

Mediation is very much an ongoing process, giving you support from your first moment of contact right through until after your case has concluded. Your mediator is here for you to keep negotiations moving forward amicably and to resolve any issues as and when they arise. It all starts with an email or telephone call to set up contact with no obligation to proceed with mediation.


Arrange Appointment

Please telephone for a chat to see how we can help you - the first meeting is completely without obligation. It starts here!


We address your conflict

By focussing on what can be agreed, rather than on what can’t, we facilitate a solution that works for both of you and allows each to move on.


Moving Onwards

Stay with us as you need us to help define the path in life and/or in business and keep everyone on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Meet Marcia

A pioneer for mediation since commencing legal practice as a family solicitor some seventeen years ago, Marcia has worked exclusively as an independent mediator since 2004, focussing initially on family mediation, and latterly on work place mediation.

Marcia’s accreditations include Family Mediation and she is a qualified child consultant practitioner. Her associations include the Professional Mediators Association and Resolution.

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