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Statistics show that 42% of marriages currently end in divorce, with men and women aged between 40 and 44 the most likely to go their separate ways. Couples split for lots of different reasons but in this blog post we’ll look at three of the most common reasons.


For many people, an affair causes too much damage to fix. They feel betrayed and don’t feel like they’ll ever be able to trust their partner again. Alternatively, the person who has had the affair might have decided that they want to end the marriage to be with the person they’ve been having an affair with.

Communication problems

Often it’s when couples stop communicating with each other that problems start. One person might be open to sharing how they’re feeling but the other might prefer to keep things close to their chest. This can result in the person who is open to sharing feeling neglected and unwanted.

The majority of arguments happen because of communication breakdown, both in a marriage and during a separation. When couples are going through a divorce, improving communication can make a really big difference. That is why family mediation is a legal requirement, it mightn’t fix a marriage but it can help both parties save time and money.

Money problems

If money is particularly tight for a short period (or longer) it can cause a lot of stress for everyone in a household. If people have different solutions, this can cause further upsets. For instance, one person might want to tighten purse strings and the other might think that a credit card or loan is the answer. If one person has secret debts that come to the surface, this can cause major damage to a relationship.

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