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Later this month on January 21st-25th, the third annual Family Mediation Week is due to take place, and at Marcia Mediation we are wholeheartedly behind the positive message this yearly event sends out.

Although the week is about promoting the benefits of family mediation, it is more importantly about simply raising awareness of the availability of mediation in family law cases.

Despite the need for mediation to be considered in all cases, many people who have not been through a family law case in recent years are still not aware of mediation as the first choice, or even at all.

That means many people are still starting divorce proceedings and facing the breakdown of their marriage or civil partnership in the expectation that they will have to fight their corner alone or ‘lawyer up’.

In fact, mediators are here to conduct proceedings with compassion and work towards mutual understanding between the involved parties, with less costly litigation and less stress due to courtroom appearances.


Putting the ‘family’ in Family Mediation Week

We are especially concerned about the welfare of children in divorce cases, as well as relatives who may have been acting as unofficial carers or guardians for years, like aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Mediation is a way for all of their voices – as well as the voices of the children themselves – to be heard and taken into account, even if there would be no direct obligation for the courts to do so.

This makes it much more likely that the case will end in a mutually satisfactory outcome, rather than the courts imposing a judgment that is not ideal for anyone concerned.

Of course at this time of year, there are many more headlines about the surge in separations and divorces post-Christmas, and that makes January a timely month for Family Mediation Week.

But remember that mediators are here all year round – so if you decide to separate quite suddenly, for example if you become aware of unreasonable behaviour you previously did not know about, we will be here for you.


Get in touch in Family Mediation Week

If Family Mediation Week has inspired you to speak to a mediator – even if you have not yet filed for divorce or asked your partner for a separation – we would love to hear from you and can help you to understand how we can support you through whatever process comes next.

You can call Marcia Mediation on 0161 425 3940 to speak to a member of our team. Or just fill in our enquiry form for a discreet response within 24 hours.