We are here for you: a COVID-19 update - Marcia Mediation

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Client support is one of our highest priorities at Marcia Mediation. Care for our clients does not waiver during this time of social distancing and increased concern throughout the country amid precautions surrounding COVID-19. We want you to know that we are here, and you are not alone.

Business continues as normal for us. Mediation sessions are successfully conducted over  Zoom or Skype.  If you have an appointment booked with us we will contact you beforehand to make plans and, as always, assess your preferences and help prepare you for the meeting.

Whenever you have time for us, we have time for you. We will work with you around family or work responsibilities.. You can reach us on 0161 425 3940 or email [email protected]. Alternatively feel free to submit an enquiry through our contact form.

On a final note, we understand that self-isolation and even spending increased time indoors, as is currently recommended, can naturally become stressful and lead to feeling trapped. This feeling may be exacerbated by a negative family situation, as many of our clients are experiencing right now. 

We want to assure all clients and those considering contacting Marcia Mediation that you have our support. We are only a phone call or email away, and will do our best to provide care, attention and assistance, as is our ongoing mission.