Post-divorce care from Marcia Mediation - Marcia Mediation

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Marcia Mediation are here to help you see divorce as the start of a new journey, and not as the end of your current path; although it will mean separating from your partner, that is a decision you likely made some time ago, and it’s time to look to the future.

Mediation in general aims to help things run more smoothly, amicably and stress-free, so that your divorce can be finalised quickly, without unnecessary legal costs, and with an outcome that is mutually agreeable by all involved.

Once your divorce is ‘finalised’, we will help to support you:  at Marcia Mediation we offer comprehensive post-divorce care to help you adapt to the new challenges you face, so you never have to be alone:

  • Financial Planning: Divorce settlements will usually leave you with enough to maintain your quality of life, but it may still take some budgeting. Independent financial advice can help you to adjust, as well as keeping on top of your money as a solo account holder responsible for 100% of your bills and pension planning.
  • Mortgages: A mortgage advisor can provide the specific advice you need to buy a home you can afford for after your separation, if you are unable to stay living in the former family home.
  • Parenting: It’s not just about money, and speaking to the right childcare professionals can help you to adjust your parenting style to reflect the fact that you are now individuals, rather than parenting as a couple together.
  • Socialising: If you feel isolated following your separation, we can help you to find new social activities with like-minded people nearby – again, just because you are divorced, it doesn’t mean you ever have to be on your own.
  • Life Coaching: Life coaches can help you to regain your motivation and self-confidence if you feel like the divorce took it out of you. Organisations like Smart Works can particularly help women to get back into work after a lengthy career gap, but there is support for both sexes on a wide range of issues.
  • Counselling: Mediation aims to leave you with a positive outlook on your divorce and on life in general, but we don’t leave you to fend for yourself afterwards. We can arrange counselling to help you deal with any emotional fallout from your separation and to see the excitement in the years ahead.

As always, Marcia Mediation uphold the highest standards of family mediation and use accredited techniques to guide you forwards, with a view to protecting and enhancing your own future happiness, and the quality of your relationships with your former spouse and any dependants, family members and mutual friends.