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The Problems

Marcia Mediation in business believes that every owner must want the same for your business. But what if each owner wants something different. You are prepared to work 24 hours a day if necessary to make it happen. It feels as though you do sometimes. But your partner works 9 to 5 and “switches off” as soon as he gets home to “bathe the children”?

Or you are a family business. Your Dad has been running it for years and just won’t let you have your say. Or you are Dad, you want to ease off a little now but you do not think your son can run the business properly, and you do not trust his wife. You want to keep the wealth “in the family”.

Or you are 15 years younger than your other shareholder. He wants to retire soon, but you have at least another 15 years to go. You suspect he wants to sell the business, but you don’t want to. Neither of you have discussed it. It is the “elephant in the room”.

The process

The Marcia in Mediation Mediator will speak to each of you individually, to get your story, how the problem effects you. Acting impartially, she can and will examine with you whether you can see it from the point of view of the other, what you both might have in common inrelation to the dispute that has arisen.

Sometimes, it may be nothing more than a heartfelt apology. And methods of communication can be agreed in order to prevent the problem reoccurring.  Our  mediator can  will record action points and identify any changes in procedure, or training that may help.

Above all the mediator understands how to  help you  find a solution that is non-confrontational, mutually agreed and without any need for legal process.

We will help using accredited conflict coaching techniques to work with you beyond the dispute.

Marcia Mediation in Business Solutions

Using accredited Work Place Mediation Marcia Mediation in business knows how to help each person involved to look at the bigger picture, a picture that actually meets every ones needs because it focusses on the needs of your business and if the business grows and flourishes, so does everyone who works in it.

The Process of Work Place Mediation offers an informal yet structured, neutral environment for our mediators to apply their skill to work with you to find what you each have in common as a goal for the business: generally that it will succeed. A business cannot succeed if each owner has his own agenda, so a common goal is the only way to succeed.

After the Mediation

It is “lonely at the top”. These situations can become unsettling and worrying for the owner of any business, who, very often is “centre stage” as a focus of resentment in an aggrieved employee. By using accredited conflict coaching techniques and by simply being there for you when you need it, Marcia Mediation in Business will take you way beyond the dispute so that you and your employee are both aligned towards the overall success and happiness of the business.

Meet Marcia

A pioneer for mediation since commencing legal practice as a family solicitor some seventeen years ago Marcia has worked exclusively as an independent mediator since 2004, focusing initially on family mediation, and latterly on work place mediation.

Marcia’s accreditations include both Work Place and Family Mediation and she is a qualified child consultant practitioner. Her associations include the Professional Mediators Association and Resolution.

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The Power of People: The Power of Planning.

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