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I believe that whilst ambitious business owners cannot always be in control of their businesses they deserve to feel in control at all times in order to achieve their goals.

Drawing on my 25 years’ experience as founder and Managing Director of a commercial law firm that during my stewardship achieved a scalable growth of 1200% leading to successful MBO, and as an advisor to its clients that achieved similar successful outcomes, I empower business owners to achieve this sense of control., I do this, by precise reference to their core beliefs and purpose, by inculcating the collective powers of branding, strategic planning, on- boarding staff, financial management, IT systems and, marketing that is targeted and prioritised.

The outcomes are twofold. First, we have a business that is capable of running itself, allowing the owner the time he or she lacks to work strategically on rather than in the business, connect more with its customers and prospects, to stand back, to take valued time out. Second (and some will find this ironic) we have a more profitable business running at maximum efficiency right now for the benefit of the existing owners. And one which happens to be worth more and ready for succession, when the time is exactly right.

Michael Lister



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The Power of People: The Power of Planning.


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