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It starts with a BELIEF.

In my case it was a belief in the power of the law to act as a guiding shield to pave the way in business and, when necessary, as a sword to stop those maliciously getting in the way.

Then it develops into an IDEA. Building on the belief that Theatre is for everyone the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester had the idea of staging theatre in the round with cheaper banquette seats right at the front of the stage so that anyone can become fully involved in the production.

And then it GROWS ; or does it. Very few businesses start and stop with you. For most there is the challenge of a fantastically exciting journey as you bring people in to bring everything to life and help spread the word to your customers or clients.

But people have emotions and emotions are unpredictable. They can promote or stunt growth in equal measure.

Because just as people can be

  • Amenable
  • Positive
  • Pleasant

As easily as they can be

  • Obstinate
  • Negative
  • Nasty

The key is to ensure that your employees share your beliefs. People who do not believe in theatre do not tend to work in theatres? People who do not believe in the power of the law, do not, or should not, work in law firms.

Mediation can measure the extent to which obstinate, negative or nasty employees share your beliefs. If they do, it is not difficult to invite people to focus on those beliefs that are likely to propel the business and those within it to growth, and success. And, to dismiss those thoughts that might have led to conflict for what they are: just thoughts. If they do not there is no common interest and a successful outcome of the mediation might well be for that individual to leave the organisation.

Looked at in this way, workplace mediation is the nourishment you need to invest in your business to help in flourish and grow with the right people, whilst weeding out the wrong ones.

Michael Lister

[email protected]