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Divorce is commonly regarded as one of the most stressful experiences a person can experience as an adult. While it can be a lengthy and arduous process, you can soften its impact by trying to divorce amicably. An amicable divorce is more likely to b...

At Marcia Mediation, we adopt a forward-focused approach to financial mediation and the division of assets. 

How can I move forward after separation with financial security and peace of mind? 

For this to happen, each party must understand what their financial needs are to ensure security in the context of the assets available for division and respective incomes. We, therefore, encourage all our clients to obtain independent financial advice from a financial advisor on issues such as:

  • Lump sum required in Pension pot for retirement
  • Capital requirement
  • Income requirement
  • Return on capital investments
  • Savings strategy and attitude to risk
  • Personal Budget and cash flow forecasting based on potential asset splits
  • Tax-efficient saving strategy

Can I achieve a clean break?

 A financial advisor can advise options for a percentage division of assets that might negate or minimise the need for spousal maintenance in the future.

Will I be able to afford a Mortgage? 

An independent mortgage advisor can advise on respective mortgage options in order to purchase new homes post-separation or for one party to buy out the other’s share.

My partner had full control over our finances; I do not fully understand them. 

Sometimes, one or other party to the mediation has a better understanding than the other of the family’s financial affairs. In this case, an independent financial advisor can advise separately on the assets available for division, their value, and tax-efficient solutions for the division of such assets. Alternatively, if both parties agree, it can be useful to invite an independent financial advisor to attend the mediation to explain the nature of the assets available for distribution to both parties and to assist in the exploration of options for division that might work for both.

I do not know what documents I need to see in order to understand the finances. 

A financial advisor can advise each of you on what documents you need to see in order to fully understand the nature and value of the assets available for division. When you receive the documents, the advisor can explain them to you and suggest any further questions that may be necessary to help you understand them.

I am worried about any tax implications on the sale and division of assets? 

A financial advisor will advise tax-efficient solutions for future saving and will help identify any tax issues arising from the divorce; when necessary, he will suggest that you seek further advice from an accountant or tax specialist.

How will I know that I have adequate financial security on retirement? 

An independent financial advisor can help both parties with specific advice on the nature of any pension held, the relevance of CETV (cash equivalent transfer value), and whether an actuary should be instructed to determine the split of existing pensions, and, if so, the potential form of instruction to the actuary to help ensure equality of provision on retirement.

How can I move forward with dignity rather than acrimony? 

The use of a financial advisor can allow each party to find a solution-based approach to the division of assets, separating the problem to be solved – e.g. how do we each move forward with our lives for the benefit of ourselves and the children – from the past emotions of the separation itself.

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