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More and more we are hearing about sperm donation and co- parenting arrangements. This is all becoming increasingly common in this country, and can be initiated as easily as pushing the button on your computer on the many donor/co-parenting websites.

This involves a birth mother and a biological father making private arrangements to conceive a child without being involved in a relationship with one another.

The parents may be single or currently in relationships (very often same sex relationships), and there will be varying degrees of involvement that all or any of the parties will have with the child throughout their life.

As this pattern of family life is on the increase, so too are the number of potential disputes that may arise from such family arrangements.

These surrogacy disputes can be set aside if only the important and necessary points were discussed prior to conception: the roles that each will play, the involvement in the child’s life?

Through mediation, such pertinent points can be discussed in an open and frank manner, ensuring that everyone concerned in the process is entering into it on an informed basis, understanding how the future will look.

It is so much easier to have these conversations in the very early days, well before conception, within the mediation process, to ensure that the new family is clear about the path going forward.

There is no need to be embarrassed and shy away from what clients may feel will be difficult and sensitive conversations as they are conversations which need to be had before embarking on such an important family decision.

Mediation can facilitate discussions in a calm and constructive way, helping everyone to address issues which they would not otherwise feel comfortable about discussing. If everyone involved is clear about their future role, it can prevent costly litigation and stress at a time which should be one of the happiest.

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Marcia Lister