EMOTION in workplace mediation - Marcia Mediation

When a close friend is facing the end of a relationship it's natural to want to support them. What is the best way to do this? ...

Well, if you ignore it emotion will be a big obstacle to a successful mediation.

In Business dealt with a Workplace mediation in Manchester between a PA and her boss. The PA felt bullied, victimised, undermined, undervalued and would certainly claim for sex discrimination in the industrial tribunal if the matter was not resolved.

If the emotional issues had been ignored the mediation session would have deteriorated to nothing less than a slanging match.

It would have ended in tears.

As it was, the mediator was able to talk privately with the PA and find out exactly what her bosses behaviour had done to her emotionally. There were certainly things she wanted, and indeed would need, to say to him before any resolution was possible.

Our mediator worked with the PA to help her say what was needed in a firm, but non confrontational way. Just speaking to her boss in this way first, allowed her to move on and second, ensured her boss understood where he had gone wrong (because yes, mistakes had been made), to accept responsibility, learn from the experience.

If emotional issues are handled in this way both participants to the process feel renewed, empowered and able to move forward successfully.

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