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Join the discussion this Friday at 9am when a panel of experts answer your questions about divorce for a special event this Financial Planning Week.

When a couple chooses to go through divorce almost every element of life needs to be considered and reassessed. Amid all of this upheaval it’s difficult to keep a cool head and make sure your needs and the needs of your family are supported.

The team at Smart Divorce has invited industry experts spanning all facets of divorce, from financial, legal, and mediation processes, to mental health considerations. Through informal discussion the panel aims to offer a safe space for past experiences, suggestions, and thoughts on how to offer more productive and positive processes when going through a divorce. 

In addition to contributions from Marcia Lister, who has worked exclusively as a mediator since 2004, attendees will hear from Tamsin Caine, Chartered Financial Planner specialising in divorce and separation; Counsellor and Hypnotherapist Susan Leigh who can help with the emotional turmoil of divorce; Family Lawyer Carole Nettleton who has over 20 years experience in supporting clients through divorce and finally, Barrister and Family Lawyer Katie McCann who specialises in complex cases.

The Smart Divorce panel will be held over Zoom video conference at 9am on Friday the 9th of October. Please pose questions to Tamsin Caine beforehand. 

Register for the panel discussion at 9am on Friday the 9th of October.