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No-fault divorce could cost £10k less

The financial impact of divorce can be far-reaching – some former couples face a reduction in the quality of their lifestyles once they live separately, some take on debt to pay for court costs, and some even stay married because they don’t want to pay or cannot afford to pay to divorce. Mediation has always […]

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New no-fault divorce law given Govt go-ahead

A new no-fault divorce law has been unveiled by the UK Government, to be introduced as soon as it can be passed through Parliament. In a recent public consultation, the government found widespread support to allow couples to separate legally without one partner taking the blame for adultery or unreasonable behaviour. Under existing laws in […]

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Owens and the argument for no fault divorce

The UK’s lack of a no fault divorce option has left a 66-year-old woman “desperately unhappy” as she is unable to divorce her husband of 40 years without one party accepting the blame for the separation. Although the woman, Worcestershire resident Tini Owens, had an affair, her 78-year-old husband Hugh has refused her attempts to […]

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