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What’s the buzz about a no-fault divorce consultation?

No-fault divorce headlines appeared all over UK news feeds and social media timelines on Friday September 7th, amid rumours that the UK government is about to launch a formal consultation process on no-fault divorce in England and Wales.   The rumours came from an unlikely source, as BuzzFeed News journalist Alex Wickham broke the apparently […]

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The case of Tini Owens and why we need no-fault divorce

The recent Supreme Court judgement in the case of Owens v Owens highlights once again the need for a sixth option in divorce cases – that of no-fault divorce when a marriage has broken down for reasons that do not satisfy any of the five options currently available. At present the five ways to divorce […]

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Why is child-inclusive mediation so important?

Any divorce can be stressful and emotional, but when young children are involved that can amplify the stress levels exponentially. Instead of just being a negotiation between two parties – who in many cases are still on relatively amicable terms – the situation becomes a three-way negotiation, and only becomes even more complex if you […]

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