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How to deal with retirement savings after a divorce

Divorce can put individual finances under considerable pressure. Living two separate lives can cost much more than living together under one roof. There may be substantial setup costs involved with buying or renting a second, separate home, furnishing the property, and buying duplicates of any essential items the children need to have in both places […]

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Is Generation X responsible for lower divorce rates?

Divorce rates have been falling in recent years – in 2017, the divorce rate among opposite-sex couples stood at 8.4 per 1,000 married over-16s in the UK, a decrease of 5.6% from the previous year and the lowest rate since 1973. At that time, and for the whole period from the mid-1960s through to the […]

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Ireland divorce referendum results in a ‘Yes’ vote

Ireland has said ‘yes’ to relaxed divorce laws, making it easier to get divorced in Ireland and possible for divorces granted in other jurisdictions to be recognised in Ireland too. The Ireland divorce referendum results followed nationwide voting on May 24th, with 82.1% of valid votes cast in favour of the proposals. On May 26th, […]

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