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“There’s no such thing as an amicable divorce…” – or is there?

Divorce, historically, has not been a friendly process. The old image of matrimony-turned-acrimony with lawyers fighting over the family assets is not helped by English divorce laws that have meant somebody usually has to take the blame. Now with no-fault divorce finally on the horizon and much shorter separation periods required by the proposed legislation, […]

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New no-fault divorce law given Govt go-ahead

A new no-fault divorce law has been unveiled by the UK Government, to be introduced as soon as it can be passed through Parliament. In a recent public consultation, the government found widespread support to allow couples to separate legally without one partner taking the blame for adultery or unreasonable behaviour. Under existing laws in […]

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Why mediators aim for a stress-free divorce

April is Stress Awareness Month and as divorce mediators we know that separation, whether it’s the end of a marriage, civil partnership or any long-term relationship, can be an incredibly stressful time for all concerned. But divorce mediators specialise in reducing those stress levels as far as possible for all parties involved – so why […]

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How to escape the pensions trap in divorce

There’s a lot of advice available about how to look after your finances when getting divorced, but one topic that is raised less often than most is the so-called ‘pensions trap’. This is when one partner has a private pension scheme that he has paid into throughout the marriage, which would normally benefit the other […]

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Starting Again After Divorce by Susan Leigh

  Guest post by Susan Leigh The ending of a relationship often comes as a slow burn, frequently reflecting issues that have been bubbling beneath the surface for some time. No one gets married expecting to divorce and the gradual breakdown of a relationship can slowly erode one’s confidence and self-esteem as well as bringing […]

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