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Starting Again After Divorce by Susan Leigh

  Guest post by Susan Leigh The ending of a relationship often comes as a slow burn, frequently reflecting issues that have been bubbling beneath the surface for some time. No one gets married expecting to divorce and the gradual breakdown of a relationship can slowly erode one’s confidence and self-esteem as well as bringing […]

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Dealing with divorce this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a challenging time if you’re on your own, with hearts and flowers festooning every shop window, but it’s especially difficult for some people who are dealing with divorce at this time of year. Each new year brings a surge in divorce applications, followed just a few weeks later by Valentine’s Day, […]

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A ray of sunshine – how to move forward after divorce

Your finances are divided, your assets have been sorted and joint decisions that everyone is satisfied with have been made. This time can be tough but instead it should be taken to congratulate yourself about the achievements you have made in resolving your issues and getting through such a difficult experience. Aside from helping to […]

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Find the light again with a clear action plan

Day Four of Family Mediation Week this year is focuses around the idea of parting clouds which show the way to move on with your life and overcome the hardships of divorce and separation. The mediation process itself offers some structure to divorce and a clearly maps out the pathway so for many families this […]

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