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The role of family mediators in cases with adopted children

We often mention the importance of including children’s voices during separation, divorce and other family law cases, and it’s especially important to make sure that adopted children are listened to. November is National Adoption Month in the USA, following closely on the heels of the UK’s own National Adoption Week, and this highlights the global […]

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How mediation can help grandparents gain contact

Grandparents’ rights during separations and divorce cases have been ranking higher on the agenda in recent years, but many family law cases could still benefit from mediation to help make sure grandparents’ voices and views are heard during the proceedings. Without taking grandparents into account when making contact arrangements, it’s all too easy for them […]

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How surrogacy mediation can create a ‘prenup’ for your pregnancy

An increasing number of couples are considering surrogacy for their next pregnancy, and it’s not just for same-sex couples, as the recent example of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West proves. The celeb power couple opted to have their third child, who they later named Chicago, by surrogate mother after Kim’s difficult previous two pregnancies, and […]

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5 common mistakes about what mediators do (and don’t do)

The dictionary definition of mediation will tell you it’s intervention or arbitration in an attempt to resolve a dispute, and while this is a good simple summary of what mediators do, it lacks some of the finer detail. Here are five common mistakes about what mediators do, and even more importantly, about what mediators don’t […]

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