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Benefits of divorce mediation when mental health is involved

Typically, by nature a divorce is a reasonably long process, that’s unavoidable. What we can influence however is the peacefulness of the proceedings, which in turn will have a huge effect on your mental health. Imagine this, you have a long drive ahead of you with your partner, you know the directions are unclear and […]

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How is a house divided in a divorce?

Many couples considering divorce are worried about what it would mean for the family finances – both the cost of divorcing and of living separate lives, with separate utility bills and especially separate rent or mortgages to pay. Divorce mediators can help to keep costs down; we work with couples to reach a mutually agreed […]

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Younger couples keep finances separate in case of divorce

Money worries can play a big part in divorce, whether they are one of the factors that lead to the breakdown of the relationship, or influence the way you choose to divorce and the cost of doing so. Divorce mediators like Marcia Mediation aim to keep the process running smoothly and get you to a […]

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How to deal with retirement savings after a divorce

Divorce can put individual finances under considerable pressure. Living two separate lives can cost much more than living together under one roof. There may be substantial setup costs involved with buying or renting a second, separate home, furnishing the property, and buying duplicates of any essential items the children need to have in both places […]

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