5 Reasons to Try Workplace Mediation - Marcia Mediation

Restoring confidence in cross-border divorce: How will mediation pick up the pieces if divorce negotiations take a hit from Brexit?...

Work place mediation in Manchester- here are 5 excellent reasons to try it


CHEAPER AND MORE COST EFFECTIVE – save thousands on expensive solicitors, tribunals, court fees when mediation costs are a fraction of the cost of an Employment tribunal and Court.


FASTER- Mediation takes just one day and can be arranged with immediate effect.


NON ACRIMONIOUS- mediation can help you repair and maintain your existing work relationships so that you can still continue to work alongside each other in a constructive fashion.


NO FORMALITIES- mediation is informal and less intimidating and can take place in a neutral venue. So no court rooms, no tribunals and no judges in sight.


YOU HAVE CONTROL- nobody will tell you what to do, it is your attempt, with the assistance of a mediator, to negotiate a settlement of your dispute.

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