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Mark It Count Training©

Any one with a ten year old son in Sunday Football League has seen it. The kids are getting tired, sweat mingling with mud, tears of frustration, massive scores, 12-1 (against your team) and then, 5 minutes to go, one of the boys takes possession and starts running. His Dad starts clapping, shouting, “Well done Joe, now… MAKE IT COUNT”.

Anyone can, and probably does, put the effort in. But making that effort count in businesses large or small, well that takes training.

The Courses

Make it Count Training© – People. Our courses teach you and your people to work together literally to identify the common goal and score!

Make it Count Training© – Customers and Clients. Your products and services are of no value to your customers and clients unless they answer their question:- “Why do we need them, why do we need you”. Our courses will help you find the answer.

Make it Count Training© – Finance and Time.  Businesses large and small; Time is money. So Marcia Mediation in Business puts these together. Businesses need to record their time, many do this effectively. Marcia Mediation in Business will share experiences and demonstrate improvements. And, more importantly, it will teach you how to make the time count for both you and your clients and customers.

Interactive & Creative


Each course is delivered in an interactive, creative environment in two hour sessions.

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Meet Michael

Michael is the founder, former managing partner of 25 years at Myers Lister Price solicitors and commercial litigator. His approach to litigation has always been to litigate aggressively, with a view to the earliest possible mediated settlement. As a work place mediator he calls on this experience, working with everyone involved to identify the common interest.

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The Power of People: The Power of Planning.

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