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How child-inclusive mediation can make little voices heard

Mediation exists to help prevent divorces from turning into shouting matches, with the mediator acting as a go-between and as an independent opinion on any disputes, and working to overcome the gulf between the two parties so that the process can move forwards. Of course not every separation includes children, and mediation has direct benefits […]

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Why mediation is a must in stressful divorces

Divorce can be stressful enough, although mediation aims to reduce the stress as much as possible by overcoming seemingly impassable bones of contention. But newly published research shows why this is so important, not just for the wellbeing of the involved parties at the time, but for their long-term cardiovascular health as well. A team […]

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Protecting children from toxic divorces

The recent ITV documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy gave unprecedented insight into the effects that HRH The Prince of Wales – Charles – and Lady Diana Spencer’s divorce had on their children, Prince William, now the Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, born two years his younger in 1984. When their parents […]

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A case study of child-inclusive mediation

When we talk about child-inclusive mediation, it is important to recognise that nobody is trying to take control away from the parents or to complicate the situation – quite the opposite, in fact. This case study shows how asking children for their opinion can often be the best step forward, whereas parents may be dealing […]

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Mediation and child-inclusive divorce

Child-inclusive divorce goes hand in hand with mediation as a way of making sure any dependants have a voice throughout their parents’ separation, and is a crucial way to reduce the stress of the process particularly for young or vulnerable children. It is not just about letting children have their opinions heard though; it can […]

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