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The case of Tini Owens and why we need no-fault divorce

The recent Supreme Court judgement in the case of Owens v Owens highlights once again the need for a sixth option in divorce cases – that of no-fault divorce when a marriage has broken down for reasons that do not satisfy any of the five options currently available. At present the five ways to divorce […]

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Why is child-inclusive mediation so important?

Any divorce can be stressful and emotional, but when young children are involved that can amplify the stress levels exponentially. Instead of just being a negotiation between two parties – who in many cases are still on relatively amicable terms – the situation becomes a three-way negotiation, and only becomes even more complex if you […]

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Flying the flag for dignity in same-sex divorce

The rainbow flags flew high and proud in the capital this weekend in celebration of the Pride in London Parade, better known to most people simply as London Pride. It was a chance for people of all different backgrounds to come together and celebrate diversity throughout the LGBT+ community, under a common banner for this […]

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Fault or no fault? Divorcing without blame in the UK

If you ask someone to name a legal contract that is binding for life, they might suggest life insurance, equity release or perhaps a pension annuity – but as a society, we tend not to view marriage as a legal arrangement, instead preferring to take a more romantic view of it.   But when a […]

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