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Using mediation to write a pre-nup

Mention mediation and you might immediately think of divorce, custody battles and other issues relating to separation or the breakdown of a marriage – but by using mediation to write a pre-nup, you could actually benefit even before your happy union is signed and sealed. A pre-nuptial agreement is a contract drawn up between two […]

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A case study of child-inclusive mediation

When we talk about child-inclusive mediation, it is important to recognise that nobody is trying to take control away from the parents or to complicate the situation – quite the opposite, in fact. This case study shows how asking children for their opinion can often be the best step forward, whereas parents may be dealing […]

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Mediation and child-inclusive divorce

Child-inclusive divorce goes hand in hand with mediation as a way of making sure any dependants have a voice throughout their parents’ separation, and is a crucial way to reduce the stress of the process particularly for young or vulnerable children. It is not just about letting children have their opinions heard though; it can […]

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How mediation can help you ‘profit’ from divorce

A newly published book by a Gloucestershire businessman who was almost bankrupted by his own divorce lawyers looks at the more profitable alternatives, including mediation, as more positive options when aiming for an amicable separation. How To Profit From Your Divorce by P.A. Ross is not, as the title might suggest, about getting as much […]

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Owens and the argument for no fault divorce

The UK’s lack of a no fault divorce option has left a 66-year-old woman “desperately unhappy” as she is unable to divorce her husband of 40 years without one party accepting the blame for the separation. Although the woman, Worcestershire resident Tini Owens, had an affair, her 78-year-old husband Hugh has refused her attempts to […]

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